Taxes and Spending

Throughout his tenure in the Texas Legislature, Rep. Gooden has been committed to low taxes and responsible budgets. In 2011, during his first session in the Texas House, Rep. Lance Gooden worked with Governor Perry and addressed the state’s $27-billion shortfall by passing one of the most fiscally conservative budgets in Texas history that slashed wasteful spending, excluded new taxes and protected the Rainy Day Fund.

In 2017, Lance Gooden and Governor Abbott worked together to ensure our state continued to budget responsibly, and despite a substantial revenue shortfall, produced another balanced budget that keeps state spending increases under population growth plus inflation, while staying well below all constitutional spending limits.

In Congress, Rep. Gooden will work to reduce the size of the IRS, create a more streamlined and simplified tax code, and free small business owners across the nation from excessive government interference.

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