Ban sanctuary cities to cut down on illegal immigration

Our borders and our immigration system are broken. The federal government has failed time and time again to secure our borders, which is our greatest national security risk today. We must know who is coming into our country in order to keep Americans safe, particularly at a time when terrorist organizations are growing more sophisticated and brazen.

in the Texas Legislature, Rep. Gooden fully funded the most comprehensive state border security plan in America. $800 million was appropriated to expand operations along the Texas-Mexico border. This includes 250 new state troopers and an expanded 50-hour workweek for all DPS troopers statewide. Furthermore, the legislature passed a bill that cracks down on sanctuary cities by creating penalties for local entities that adopt or enforce policies prohibiting the enforcement of immigration laws.

Unfortunately, other states have not followed suit, so we must finally address this in Congress. Securing our borders, enforcing immigration law, and streamlining legal immigration is one of the great challenges of our time. We must stop kicking the can down the road, and finally address this crisis once and for all.

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